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Elettrochemistry of Materials for Energetics (LEME)

Catia Arbizzani, Francesca Soavi

The group has more than twenty years of experience in the field of materials for energy storage/conversion electrochemical systems. The research activity is mainly focused on basic and applied studies of inorganic, carbonaceous and polymeric nanostructured electrode materials in view of their application in  lithium batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells for transportation, stationary and portable applications. The group has always carried out training of young researchers in the field of energy conversion systems and, more recently, in that of biomedical devices.

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Electrochemistry of Molecular and Functional Materials

Massimo Marcaccio, Francesco Paolucci, Giovanni Valenti

Our research focuses on various topics of molecular and supramolecular chemistry and materials chemistry, the electrochemical processes involving coordination compounds, carbon nanotubes and graphene, catalysts and biological systems. We have advanced equipment for voltammetric and electrochemical impedance studies, electrochemiluminescence and spectroelectrochemical, also in highly anhydrous condition. The laboratory has various scanning probe microscopy techniques such as  AFM, STM and SECM.

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